18 September 2012, San Sebastian College Recoletos - Manila

Reporter's Notebook - GMA7

Shooting Date: 03 October 2012.
1st Episode: Cybercrime. Online Libel, Swindling, Hacking, How to Trace a Cyber Bully hinding in Facebook and other Social Networking Sites.
2nd Episode: Online Reputation Management for Businesses. How to put your business website on top of the Google search engine's page results

ABS-CBN's Kabuhayang Swak na Swak

Two Episodes under Solar News' Legal HD
1st Episoide: Studio Interview with Atty. Rod Nepomuceno and Atty. Karen Jimeno-McBride at the Solar News Studio located at the upper ground floor of the Worldwide Corporate Center, Shaw Blvd. corner EDSA, Mandaluyong City.
2nd Episode: Outside Studio Interview on various Cybercrime Issues, Computer and Mobiole Phone Hacking.  Venue: San Sebastial College of Law Building, San Sebastian College, Recoletos-Manila

SOLAR NEWS CHANNEL's LegalHD (Legal Helpdesk)

DZRB Radio ng Bayan, 30 September 2012
DZRB Radio ng Bayan, 07 October 2012
Guested at Ka Popoy Pagayon's weekly program for members of the Filipino Inventors Society Producer's Cooperative and discussed several issues on Cybercrime, Online Libel, Online Reputation Management, How to put your Business Website on Top of the Google search engine's page results, Online Scammers, Computer and Mobile Phone Hacking. 


DZXL Interview with veteran broadcaster Tony Arevalo, 04 October 2012


Interviewed by TV Channel 13 (Solar News Channel) and GMA7 (Aired at GMA7's State of the Nation with Jessica Soho) on various cybercrime issues and the online site, Cyber Crime Complaint Center for victims of cybercrime related cases.